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  • Licensed and legitimate betting platform
  • Excellent customer support
  • Wide variety of sports and games
  • Many payment methods
  • iOS and Android apps available for mobile bettors
  • Reasonable welcome bonus


  • Complex rewards system
  • Not so competitive odds

DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is a format where players make daily predictions about outcomes in football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Unlike traditional sports betting, DFS involves competing against other players rather than directly wagering on game results.

DraftKings offers a comprehensive sportsbook with the following features:

Betting Sports Markets

DraftKings covers all major sports worldwide, including football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis. Popular bets include the game-winner moneyline, spread, totals, as well as player and team props for major games.

Pre-Game Wagers

Bets can be placed before the start of an event, and DraftKings typically releases game odds a few days in advance. Betting odds may fluctuate based on factors such as team news and expert picks.

In-Play Betting

Once a game has begun, DraftKings offers in-play betting on popular sports. While there is no live streaming, the platform provides a graphical display of the action and real-time match data. The most common in-play markets include the moneyline winner, spreads, and total goals or points.

Odds Boosts

DraftKings rewards existing players with Odds Boosts, which offer enhanced returns on specific sports and games. These boosts often provide better odds than the actual probability of an event occurring. Stakes may be limited for daily offers.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature allows players to secure a profit or limit losses before the final outcome. It is available for pre-game bets and bets placed during live events. The cash-out value depends on the original bet’s stake, odds, and current odds at the time of the request.

Futures Betting

DraftKings offers futures betting for major leagues, conferences, and championships worldwide. Examples include betting on the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series, NBA Championships, English Premier League winners, and major golf and tennis tournaments.

DraftКings is a renowned online sports entertainment and gaming company that was founded in 2012. The company has its roots in Boston, Massachusetts, and was established by Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman. Initially, DraftKings started as a platform dedicated solely to daily fantasy sports (DFS), offering players a unique and engaging way to compete in fantasy leagues on a daily basis.

Why DraftKings?

  • Friendly and immersive experience
  • Innovative approach
  • Large and dedicated user base

DraftKings Partnerships

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)

Over the years, DraftKings has continued to innovate and diversify its offerings. The company has expanded its reach to include online casino games, poker, and other forms of online gaming, providing a comprehensive and immersive gambling experience for its users.

DraftKings Quick Facts

Ontario Launch Date May 18, 2022
Mobile App iOS and Android apps
Online Casino Yes
Live Casino Yes
Live Streaming Yes
Odds Provider SBTech
Payout Time 1-7 days

Draftkings is one of the best betting platforms in the world. It allows participants from many countries all over the world, including the United States of America and Canada. The platform allows you to bet on a variety of games, including soccer, American football, ice hockey, basketball, and many others.Bettors can also wager on virtual games and make money from completely simulated games.

The platform also has a casino for interested players. The casino has a variety of slot machines, baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games that players can enjoy and win big from the comfort of their mobile devices. Overall, DraftKings has many positive features – this is according to many reviews given by customers. The sportsbook has good rating based on multiple online reviews, we also have to mention that some customers are dissatisfied based on their experience with DraftKings customer service, payment methods and phone support.

The sportsbook ranks 50 among the best known Fantasy Sports websites. In this DraftKings review we will thoroughly go through all the features and benefits of signing up for this popular sportsbook website and how you can get started today.

DraftKings Overview

Company Started 2012
Address 222 Berkeley Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02116
Phone 1 (855) 357-2377
Email [email protected]
License Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Live Streaming Yes
Live Bets Yes
Casino Yes
Poker Yes
Mobile Yes
Draftkings 1

DraftKings sports betting


DraftKings Sportsbook is the platform on the DraftKings website where you can place bets for sports games. On the sportsbook platform, you can bet on a variety of sports games, including:

  • College football
  • College basketball
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • Badminton
  • Boxing

The platform has an option titled “How to bet”. In this tab you can read instructions from the website creators on how to place bets in the sportsbook and how to claim your winnings. There are also pari-mutuel pools for interested players where winners will share and divide the stakes of the losers amongst themselves.

Betting Markets at Draftkings


DraftKings is a prominent player in the online sports betting industry, offering a diverse and extensive range of betting markets to cater to the preferences of sports enthusiasts and bettors. With its user-friendly platform and wide selection of sports and events, DraftKings provides an immersive and engaging betting experience. Here are some key features of the DraftKings betting market:

Features Details
Extensive Sports Coverage DraftKings covers a comprehensive array of sports, including popular leagues and events from around the world. Major sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, and MMA are featured prominently. Additionally, niche sports like darts, cycling, rugby, and cricket are also available, catering to a wide range of interests.
Diverse Betting Options DraftKings offers a variety of betting options to suit different betting strategies and preferences. Some of the common bet types include moneyline (betting on the winner of a game or match), point spread (betting on the margin of victory), totals (betting on the total combined score), parlays (combining multiple bets into a single wager), prop bets (betting on specific player or team performances), and futures (betting on long-term outcomes such as championship winners).
Live In-Play Betting DraftKings provides a dynamic and thrilling live in-play betting feature, allowing users to place bets while the game or event is in progress. With real-time odds updates and a wide range of in-play markets, bettors can take advantage of shifting momentum, make informed decisions, and potentially maximize their winnings.
Promotions and Boosted Odds DraftKings offers and bonuses are various and include boosted odds and enhanced returns on selected games or events. These promotions provide added value to bettors and present opportunities for increased winnings.

Draftkings 2

Betting odds


Betting odds are the likelihood of a particular event happening there are different odds available for different statistics depending on how likely it is for the event to occur. The lower the likelihood of an event occurring the higher the odds placed on that event by the bookmaker. Bettors can bet on those high odds and win big if those events happen.


On DraftKings odds are represented using the money line or plus-minus method. This means you can see numbers like -150 or +250 on different odds. If you see a number with a plus sign in front of it, like +250, it means the situation you are betting on is unlikely to happen, and you will receive $250 for every $100 staked plus your stake on that event if it happens. On the flip side if you see a number with a minus sign in front of it like -150 it means the event is likely to happen and you will receive $100 for every $150 you stake plus your stake.

Draftkings 3

Bet slip


DraftKings’ bet slip has all the needed features and options for players to fully enjoy their betting experience.

Bet Selection

The Bet Slip enables users to select their desired bets from the available betting markets. Users can browse through various sports, leagues, and events to find the specific wagers they wish to place.

Single and Multiple Bets

The Bet Slip supports both single and multiple bets. For single bets, users can add a single wager to the slip. For multiple bets, such as parlays or combination bets, users can add multiple selections and customize their desired bet types and stakes.

Odds Display

The Bet Slip displays the odds associated with each selected bet. These odds represent the potential payout users can receive if their bet is successful. DraftKings provides both decimal and American odds formats, allowing users to choose their preferred display format.

Stake and Payout Calculation

Users can enter their desired stake amount for each bet on the Bet Slip. The slip automatically calculates the potential payout based on the selected odds and stake, providing users with an estimate of their potential winnings.

Bet Customization

The Bet Slip allows users to customize their bets by utilizing additional options. These options may include adjusting the bet type (e.g., win, each-way), adding or removing selections, modifying stakes, or selecting specific bet conditions (e.g., halftime results, player props).

Live Betting at DraftKings


The DraftKings live betting option is an option that allows players to place bets throughout a game as opposed to placing them just before the start of a game. Players can check live games and view updated odds to place bets during a live game DraftKings allows players to do this with ease. You have many events and sports to choose from like football and basketball. They all have amazing quality making the game even more exciting.

Draftkings 4



You can bet on legacy fantasy eSports games on the Draftkings Canada website. The main markets covered in the eSports section of the DraftKings Canada website are:

eSPORT Availability
National Basketball Association (NBA) YES
Major League Baseball (MLB) YES
National Hockey League (NHL) YES
Soccer (MLS, EPL, Champions League) YES
National Football League (NFL) YES
Golf YES
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) YES

Draftkings 5

Virtual Sports


DraftKings offers an exciting range of virtual sports that provide users with a unique and immersive betting experience. These virtual sports simulate popular real-world sports and events, allowing users to bet on virtual competitions at any time. Here are the virtual sports offered by DraftKings:

Virtual Basketball

DraftKings’ virtual basketball recreates the fast-paced action of the hardwood court. Users can bet on virtual basketball games featuring virtual teams and players, and experience the thrill of virtual hoops action.

Virtual Football

Virtual football brings the excitement of the gridiron to users’ fingertips. Users can place bets on virtual football matches, where virtual teams compete against each other in a simulated football environment.

Virtual Horse Racing

DraftKings’ virtual horse racing enables users to participate in the excitement of the racetrack. Users can bet on virtual horse races, with detailed virtual horses, jockeys, and tracks, creating a lifelike horse racing experience.

Virtual Soccer

Virtual soccer allows users to engage in the world’s most popular sport at any time. Users can wager on virtual soccer matches featuring virtual teams and players, and enjoy the dynamics and unpredictability of virtual football action.

Virtual Motor Racing

DraftKings’ virtual motor racing replicates the thrill of high-speed racing. Users can place bets on virtual motor racing events, where virtual cars compete against each other in intense and realistic virtual race environments.

These virtual sports are available for betting across both desktop and mobile platforms, providing users with flexibility and accessibility to enjoy the virtual sports experience wherever they are. The virtual sports events are visually appealing, with realistic graphics and animations, making the virtual sports betting experience all the more engaging.

DraftKings Betting Features


There are many betting features available on the DraftKings betting platform. Some of them are:

Moneyline betting

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward bets in sports betting, it requires choosing one team to win over another bettor can wager on one team to win the other team and earn rewards if they bet right.

Over/Under Bet

The Over/Under Bet states that a particular statistic will be over or under a particular value. For example, you can bet that the number of corner kicks in a football match will be over 12.5, meaning there will be 13 or more corner kicks in the match. You can also do the same for goals, bookings, etc.


A point spread bet is a bet on the margin of victory of the final outcome of a sporting event it is very popular in football and basketball games.


A parlay bet is a type of bet that combines multiple wagers into one. It is a great way to use a little deposit to win a large amount of money. If one bet in the parley is lost then the entire parlay loses as well however if all bets go through the bettor can win big.

DraftKings Casino


The DraftKings casino is a platform on the DraftKings website where casino players can enjoy casino games from the comfort of their homes. On this platform you can play more than 770 casino games including slot machines, jackpot, poker, baccarat, and blackjack

DraftKings has some of the best casino games in Canada right now and also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users who wish to bet on the go.
Draftkings 6

DraftKings Live Casino

Thanks to the advancements in streaming technology and the widespread availability of high speed internet it is now possible to enjoy the thrill of real money casino games from the comfort of your own home. DraftKings Casino takes this experience to the next level by offering live dealer games, where an actual human dealer interacts with you in a studio setting

Currently, DraftKings Live Casino provides six different live dealer games, and they are continuously expanding their offerings to bring you even more options. What makes it even more exciting is that DraftKings partners with other online gambling platforms to offer “shared” tables. This means you can find yourself playing at a table alongside players from other services, such as Caesars Casino Ontario, creating a lively and interactive gaming environment.

For those who prefer a more exclusive experience, DraftKings also offers tables with exclusive dealers reserved only for DraftKings players. You even have the option to choose a table where you can play one-on-one with the dealer, enjoying a more personalized gaming session.

Bonuses & Promotions at DraftKings


DraftKings is one of the sportsbooks that offers a great variety of offers and promotions for both new and existing players.


Deposit Bonus Offer of Up to $1,000!

Take advantage of DraftKings exclusive promotion and receive a remarkable 20% Bonus, capped at an amazing $1,000. Please note that customers who have previously made a deposit on any DraftKings product are not eligible for this particular promotion.


100% Casino Deposit Match Bonus up to $2000

DraftKings is offering a 100% Casino Deposit Match Bonus once you register an account, allowing you to receive up to $2,000 in Casino Bonus Funds. The maximum amount that can be claimed through this promotional offer is $2,000 in Casino Bonus Funds. Once you meet the requirements of the offer, the bonus funds will be automatically applied to your new account.

Introduce a Friend!

Earn a Bonus Bet of up to $100!

To qualify for the promotion, the Referrer must successfully refer a friend using the personal referral link received from DraftKings during the Promotional Period. Successful referrals mean that the Invited Friends must click on the Referrer’s referral link during the Promotional Period, sign up for a new DraftKings Sportsbook account, and deposit a minimum of $25.

Payment Methods at DraftKings


DraftKings offers a range of convenient payment methods to facilitate deposits and withdrawals on its platform. Here’s an overview of some popular payment methods available on DraftKings:

Payment Method Details
PayPal PayPal is a widely recognized and trusted online payment system that allows you to securely
link your bank account, credit card, or debit card to make transactions. By choosing PayPal as your
payment method on DraftKings, you can easily fund your account or withdraw winnings. PayPal transactions
are typically processed quickly, providing a seamless and secure payment experience.
Visa Visa is one of the most widely accepted payment networks globally. DraftKings accepts Visa
credit cards and debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. By selecting Visa as your payment method, you
can conveniently add funds to your account and access your winnings. Visa transactions are processed
securely and efficiently, ensuring a reliable payment process.
Mastercard Similar to Visa, DraftKings also supports Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals.
Mastercard is another widely recognized and accepted payment network, providing a convenient and widely
available option for funding your DraftKings account. By using your Mastercard, you can securely make
transactions and enjoy the benefits of quick and reliable payment processing.
Play+ DraftKings also offers its own branded prepaid Play+ card. This payment method allows you to
deposit funds into your Play+ account and then use those funds for transactions on DraftKings. The Play+
card provides a dedicated payment solution tailored specifically for DraftKings users, offering ease of
use and quick access to funds.

How to deposit funds at DraftKings


To make a deposit at DraftKings, follow these simple steps:

  • STEP: 1

    Sign in to your DraftKings account: If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to create one by providing the required information

  • STEP: 2

    Once you’re logged in, click on the “Deposit” button. This is typically located in the top-right corner of the website or app

  • STEP: 3

    Choose your preferred payment method: DraftKings offers various deposit options, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and other electronic payment methods. Select the method that is most convenient for you

  • STEP: 4

    Enter the deposit amount: Specify the amount you wish to deposit into your DraftKings login account. Be mindful of any minimum or maximum deposit limits that may apply

  • STEP: 5

    Provide the necessary payment details: Depending on the chosen payment method, you may need to enter your card information, bank account details, or login credentials for third-party payment providers

  • STEP: 6

    Verify your deposit: Review the information you’ve provided, ensuring that all details are accurate. If everything looks correct, click on the”Deposit” button to initiate the transaction

Deposit and withdrawal methods

  • Deposit options
  • Withdrawal options
Deposit MethodMin. DepositMax. depositTransaction
Play +$5$10,000-
Deposit MethodMin. WithdrawalMax. depositWithdrawal
Play +$10$25,000-

DraftKings mobile app

Draftkings 7

DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino are available on iOS and Android devices for people interested in playing on the go. DraftKings app is very functional and allows users to register and sign in DraftKings with their mobile devices on the go.

The mobile app also has a great personalized experience for users to make login and use much better. The mobile app of DraftKings is known to be one of the best and most reliable – it has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 at the Apple store and has over 300 000 reviews by dedicated users.

Operating system Availability
Android YES

Security and Regulation at DraftKings


DraftKings Ontario is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). This means that they must follow strict security procedures and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices enforced by the regulatory body. Based on that and multiple online reviews from customers, DraftKings’s website is secure and the platfrom is known to be extremely reliable.

DraftKings also takes special security precautions, like monitoring suspicious account activities, and requiring a social security or social insurance number to confirm your account and reduce the activities of bad actors.

DraftKings Customer Support


DraftKings Canada has several methods for users to reach out to customer support and rectify customer complaints. You can use the Live Chat option on the website to speak with an agent, or leave your name, email and complaint on the contact page and receive an email back.


Alternatively, you can call them on the phone or send them an email at [email protected] and expect a response in one or two days.

They also have an elaborate FAQ section, so you might want to try that out first and see if you will find a quick solution to your complaint.


Yes, DraftKings is available in Canada. However, the availability of certain features and offerings may vary depending on the province.
Yes, DraftKings offers daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests in Canada. You can participate in various DFS competitions for popular sports leagues.
DraftKings Canada provides various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other electronic payment options, for depositing funds into your account.
DraftKings provides customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and an extensive FAQ section. You can find the contact information on their website.
Some betting features include Moneyline betting, Parlay and Point Spread bets.


DraftKings Canada offers an exciting platform for sports enthusiasts and gamers to engage in daily fantasy sports and potentially online casino games, subject to availability. With a wide range of sports and contests to choose from, DraftKings provides a thrilling and immersive experience for players in Canada.

While DraftKings Canada’s sportsbook provides an extensive selection of daily fantasy sports competitions, it’s important to note that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the online casino platform had not been launched in Canada. However, DraftKings has been known to expand its offerings over time, so it’s worth staying updated on any future developments.

When it comes to ratings, it’s essential to consider various factors such as user experience, customer support, available promotions, and the overall integrity of the platform. Since ratings can vary depending on individual experiences and preferences, it’s advisable to consult reliable sources and read user reviews to gauge the general sentiment.

Ultimately, DraftKings Canada provides an opportunity for sports fans and gamers to participate in daily fantasy sports contests and potentially explore online casino games in the future. It’s important for players to stay informed, adhere to applicable regulations in their respective provinces, and make responsible decisions while enjoying the offerings provided by DraftKings Canada.

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