Formula 1 Standings

Driver Standings

1 Max Verstappen Dutch 575
2 Sergio Perez Mexican 285
3 Lewis Hamilton British 234
4 Fernando Alonso Spanish 206
5 Charles Leclerc Monégasque 206
6 Lando Norris British 205
7 Carlos Sainz Jr Spanish 200
8 George Russell British 175
9 Oscar Piastri Australian 97
10 Lance Stroll Canadian 74
11 Pierre Gasly French 62
12 Esteban Ocon French 58
13 Alexander Albon Thai 27
14 Yuki Tsunoda Japanese 17
15 Valtteri Bottas Finnish 10
16 Nico Hulkenberg German 9
17 Guanyu Zhou Chinese 6
18 Kevin Magnussen Danish 3
19 Logan Sargeant American 1
20 Nyck De Vries Dutch 0


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Driver Standings

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Team Standings

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Accuracy and Reliability

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