MLB Schedule

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All devoted MLB fans are eager to know everything about an upcoming event in advance, and it all starts with having the correct schedule. Additionally, there’s valuable betting data that they need to make correct predictions and informed decisions. This is why 7sport offers both: to give fans and followers all the information they need to enjoy MLB and even help them make the right choice when wagering.

Our platform shares data and updates on a regular basis, meaning that you’ll find everything you’re looking for here. The easy-to-navigate menu will help you make your way around quickly and gather just as much information as you’d need. The cleverly designed menu is simple, yet informative, and you’ll be able to learn anything you want about a particular MLB team, and you will reach the information you need with just a few clicks.

MLB Schedule

When it comes to the importance of schedules, you need to follow all related changes, and 7sport is the source to choose if you want to stay informed. For the 2023 season, there have been some changes announced that have already taken place. The format is new, and the new pitch clock is also worth mentioning, but a more important change is the fact that all 30 teams will play fewer games in total compared to 2022. There will be more events where inter-league opponents will meet than divisional games. The total number of the divisional games for each team is down to 52, compared to 76 in 2022.

As a result of the changes listed above, every fan will need to adapt, but following the action is still easier thanks to 7sport. Our platform will continue to post updates and valuable info for everyone to enjoy and use as they please.

The number of inter-league games is also decreased: instead of 66 games, there will be 64 in total (32 home + 32 away events. The change doesn’t seem to be so drastic at first, but it will affect the overall way the season unravels (in a positive way). By frequently checking out the MLB updates 7sport will add, you will stay informed even if you miss some of these events.

All in all, the biggest change for the 2023 MLB season is still related to inter-league events. Every team will stand against teams from the opposite league in 26 games more this year (20 in 2022, 46 in 2023). This is one of the reasons why 7sport will once again be the place to visit so you could cope with the rising number of inter-league games.

Another important change to note about the reworked MLB schedule is the fact that fans will be able to see and enjoy a better game variety. The simple fact that all 30 teams will play each other throughout the regular season is an improvement for those keen to attend action-packed games. The focus will no longer be on divisional events.