MLB Teams

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Top MLB Teams

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Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays nailed it in 2023 so far. They now hold the record for most wins during the season start – a total of 13, which is impressive. This is a good enough reason to predict that the club will be among the contestants for the World Series. Except for this year’s success, The Rays boast a strong 2022 season as well, cementing their leadership status. 

It appears that this season will be among Tampa Bay Ray’s best ones yet, and they have every right to feel proud about it. Their 48-20 record is something that makes them stand out from the rest and puts them in a small group comprising the top MLB teams.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves are the main favorite for the World Series. With whopping odds of +450, they have the best chance to get there. Also, they have been at their best so far in 2023, and it seems they will keep their pace strong.

Also, the last season’s record 101-61 which The Braves achieved is something worth mentioning. So far, their record is 40-25, but things are not over yet. They have every chance to prove they are even better than they were last season.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Unlike some of the other best MLB clubs, the Dodgers were somewhat hesitant and their start in 2023 didn’t make as much of an impact as they were probably hoping for. However, they picked up the pace and showed why they are among the most favored MLB clubs.

The Dodgers reached a record of 111-51 in 2022, which proved that they have what it takes and gave them a spot among the top five teams. Given their enormous potential, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they manage to score a better record than the one they did last year.