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Atletico Madrid slashes debt by almost 80 million euros
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Their income from last season was a lot less, because they missed on Champions League knockout stage

Atlético Madrid have improved their financial situation over the past 12 months. The club has reduced its debt as well as their wage budget, but the bad news is that their income has also fallen slightly.

According to Ruben Uria, Atletico have reduced their debt by around 78 million euros from 594 million euros to 514 million euros, while the rest of their finances in general have also improved.

The only highlighted area that did not increase was their turnover, which fell from €377 million to €357 million, by around €20 million. This is largely due to their poor performance in Europe, with this decline more or less equaling the money earned by reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League, something they failed to do last season.

€63.5 million from UEFA is the lowest figure received by Atlético since 2018. An important fact is that the percentage of their turnover dedicated to wages has fallen from an unhealthy 84% to 69%, which is much more in line with other clubs.