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Barcelona tries to change Xavi’s mind before the end of the season
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The coach already announced he is leaving the club after the final game

It seems that Xavi’s potential decision to remain at Barcelona is generating significant interest and speculation among fans and media alike. His initial announcement to leave at the end of the current season surprised many, but the team’s improved performance and promising trajectory may have influenced his reconsideration.

The reported upcoming meeting between Xavi and Barcelona’s management suggests that both parties are keen on exploring the possibility of him staying. The club’s officials, including Joan Laporta, seem determined to persuade him to continue leading the team, indicating their confidence in his abilities and the positive direction in which he’s taking the squad.

However, it’s clear that Xavi hasn’t made a final decision yet, and there are likely several factors he’ll consider before committing to staying. These could include the club’s plans for the future, potential transfers, and assurances about his role and influence within the organization.

Overall, while there are strong indications that Xavi is leaning towards staying, nothing is certain until a final decision is made. The upcoming meeting will likely be crucial in determining whether he’ll continue as Barcelona’s coach next season.