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Bills’ Allen labels Diggs trade ‘hard’ but thankful for the WR
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Buffalo quarterback thanked the departed Stefon for his hard work.

Josh Allen shared today that he can’t thank Stefon Diggs enough “for when he came in, how much effort he put in his training, and what he taught me in our time together.”

The Bills QB shared that the wide receiver “meant a lot” to him since Buffalo traded for the star WR in 2020. Allen also revealed that with Stefon no longer in the team, that gives a chance for other footballers to step up.

“Without a doubt, it is hard to part ways with a footballer that’s been very crucial in our success here over the past 4 seasons,” the Bills quarterback claimed. “… If it’s up to me, I wish we could keep everybody. You know, we made many changes after the end of the season, lost a lot of veteran leadership, Diggs being 1 of them.”

Josh added that thanks to Diggs he is the quarterback that he is today and that wouldn’t be possible without Stefon.