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Irsay: I was being held in custody because I’m a ‘white billionaire’
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Jim claimed that this was the reason for his arrest in 2014.

Indianapolis Colts chief Jim Irsay shared that his 2014 arrest for driving a car while intoxicated was a result of police prejudice vs. him for being “a rich, white billionaire.”

Irsay talked about his arrest as part of a documentary with HBO Sports. The longtime NFL franchise’s owner pleaded guilty almost 10 years ago to 1 misdemeanor count of operating a car while drunk.

When questioned why he pleaded guilty, the Colts owner answered: “Just to finish with this thing.”

“I’m targeted because I’m a rich, white billionaire,” Irsay added during the interview, which aired today. “If I’m just the average man you can meet anywhere, they will not arrest me, of course not.”

Irsay added that he doesn’t care how the public will react to his comments and is just being honest.