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NFL executive reveals Jets prime-time slate
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He claimed that the Jets “owe” the league for the past campaign.

The NY Jets received a record number of prime-time matches over the 1st 3 months of the 2024 campaign because the appeal of 4-time MVP Aaron Rodgers was too elite to ignore, the league announced today.

“Without a doubt, it’s an awful lot of prime-time games at the beginning of the campaign, but, obviously, I feel like Jets kind of owe us one,” the National Football League’s vice president of broadcast planning shared with the media today.

Rodgers and his teammates have 6 night matches in the 1st 11 weeks, the most for any franchise since the 1970 merger. The league and its TV networks went big on the team in the past campaign – 5 matches in prime time – but it backfired when Aaron sustained a campaign-ending injury in the opener.

The Jets have 2 matches on MNF, 2 matches on the SNF and 2 matches on the TNF. They open the MNF schedule against the 49ers on September 9th.