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Washington, D.C., wants to welcome the 2027 NFL draft
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The US capital wants to host the NFL draft in 2027.

Competition is fearless among National Football League cities to welcome the draft, and Washington, D.C. also wants to be part of the process.

The Commanders and cities officials want to welcome the 2027 NFL draft. If they failed to secure it, they will continue to demand to host it in the near future.

It’s still unclear if the US capital would have a chance to host the draft in 2027, but the National Mall is 1 chance. The draft has drawn a lot of people annually since the league turned it into a traveling roadshow almost 10 years ago, and Detroit had over 750,000 tourists for the 3-day event in 2024, securing them the record for the most-attended draft ever.

After decades of holding the draft in the Big Apple, the NFL has turned the draft into a huge event that cities across the USA compete to host in expectations to secure significant tourism revenue.

Next year’s draft will be in Green Bay, and the 2026 draft will be hosted in Pittsburgh.