ATP Rankings 2023



The world of tennis is as challenging as ever, and if you are a huge fan of this beautiful sport, then you know that rankings change at a fast pace. Numerous tournaments and even a single match could reshape the current ranking, especially when it comes to the ATP Live Rankings. This is where 7sport comes in handy: our platform will give you every last-minute update, alongside plenty of news and data to help you get a full picture of what’s happening in tennis 24/7.

The ATP Rankings Explained

The Association of Tennis Professionals, or ATP for short, is the most influential institution in this sport worldwide, and it’s only natural for it to manage the tennis rankings that determine the best tennis players on the globe. It’s the one authority that has the full right to do it, and you’ll find every change in the rankings for men’s singles tennis when you visit the relevant section on the 7sport website.

The rankings are based on every player’s individual result from all 19 tournaments over the course of the full previous year (52 weeks). Not only that, but a player’s presence and position in the rankings determine whether he can enter certain tournaments or not.

There are several rankings that should not be confused with one another. The ATP rankings should not be mistaken for the ATP Live Rankings, which is something entirely different. Even if a player is leading the Live Rankings currently, he may not even be in the top 3 positions of the ATP Rankings. The difference comes from the scope of the data processed – the Live Rankings refer to the present season’s performance of every player, while the ATP Rankings are entirely based on the previous season’s data and scores. The Live Rankings help shape the ATP Rankings that are announced after each season is over. This is the reason scores start to matter as the season comes close to an end, because it starts to outline next year’s ATP Rankings.

There will probably be no surprises when you see that Novak Djokovic is once again the leader of the ATP Rankings, followed by another extremely talented player – Carlos Alcaraz. Both athletes are skilled and experienced, but only those who are exceptional can land a spot in the top 3 of the ATP Rankings. Djokovic took the lead with not that much of an advantage. The difference between Alcaraz and the third in the rankings, Daniil Medvedev, is bigger than the one between Djokovic and Alcaraz.

By following the frequent updates and news related to the world of tennis that are posted on 7sport, you’ll have access not only to the current rankings, but also to every piece of action that you might have missed. Tennis is exciting and fast-paced, especially considering the amount of tournaments held worldwide. 7sport is here to help you get a good idea of the whole picture and allow you to be up-to-date with all the latest events and their outcomes.