Official: Luis Suarez signs with Inter Miami 7
Victor Petkov

Official: Luis Suarez signs with Inter Miami

The highly anticipated reunion between Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi has become a reality, as the Uruguayan striker officially signed with Inter Miami […]

Houston Dynamo re-ink Dorsey to 2-year deal 8
Angel Todorov

Houston Dynamo re-ink Dorsey to 2-year deal

Houston Dynamo have re-inked full-back Griffin Dorsey after his phenomenal 2023 season, as the defender would remain part of the club through the […]

Major League Soccer (MLS) has steadily gained recognition as one of the premier professional soccer leagues in North America. With its inception in 1993, MLS has grown exponentially, captivating fans across the continent with its exhilarating matches, world-class players, and thrilling rivalries.

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