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Soccer standings are common, but not every source will give you the widest, most relevant array of data you need. To make the most of the world of soccer, you need a platform that features all the standings from every major league. What matters even more is to be able to take advantage of frequent updates that are accurate and you can access them anytime you want. This is what 7sport is all about. Except for bringing you all the recent updates on your favorite soccer teams, players, and leagues, our platform offers scores, schedules, and frequently updated standings. 

There isn’t anything hard to understand when it comes to soccer standings. They usually come in the form of easy to read tables, as long as you know the abbreviations and terms most commonly used. In general, soccer standings indicate teams’ rankings in particular tournaments or leagues at a given moment. They give a general idea about who’s in the lead and what the final rankings might look like.

Soccer Standings Explained 

The standings and rankings are formed thanks to the amount of points accumulated by each team, as well as the current goal differences. The team with the most points overall would be in the leading position.

The points system of every league or tournament is unified, therefore, there are no differences related to which particular league’s standings you’re looking at. This way, it’s easier to do the math when necessary or to have a clear idea of how the standings will change after a single event. The point system is a basic one: each team gets three points for a victory, a single point if the final result is a draw, and no points for a loss. This means that all accumulated points come from wins and draws only.

There are occasions when two teams have the same amount of points at a given time. As a result, there needs to be another tool to rank them, and there is such a tool – it’s called goal difference. The team with more goals scored moves higher.

Most leagues and tournaments are similarly structured as well, which additionally makes following them and reading the relevant standings easier. The majority of divisions and leagues consist of up to 20 teams.

How do you count points in soccer standings?

In reality, you don’t need to count standings at all, because platforms such as 7sport exist. Our portal gives you access to the standings of several major leagues, such as the primary ones in countries like the U.S., Canada, France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. When you select a particular country, you will be able to see different standings depending on the particular tournament you prefer. You will also have access to the individual match results based on the match week you missed. If you select a particular match from any match week, you will be able to see how all teams spread their players (lineup setup), as well as access more relevant information about every goal scored, all the penalty cards given, and more.