Football Teams

Premier League Logo Premier League

Manchester City 285538
Arsenal 266638
Manchester United 236938
Liverpool 1910938
Newcastle 1914538
Aston Villa 1871338
Tottenham 1861438
Brighton 1881238
Brentford 1514938
Fulham 1571638
Chelsea 11111638
Crystal Palace 11121538
West Ham 1172038
Bournemouth 1162138
Wolves 1181938
Leicester 972238
Nottingham Forest 9111838
Everton 8121838
Leeds 7102138
Southampton 672538

Liga 1 France Logo Liga 1 France

Paris Saint Germain 274738
Lens 259438
Marseille 227938
Rennes 2151238
Lille 1910938
Monaco 1981138
Lyon 1881238
Clermont Foot 1781338
Montpellier 1551838
Lorient 15101338
Nice 15131038
Toulouse 1391638
Reims 12151138
Stade Brestois 29 11111638
Strasbourg 9131638
Auxerre 8111938
Ajaccio 752638
Nantes 7151638
Angers 462838
Estac Troyes 4122238

La Liga Logo La Liga

Barcelona 284638
Real Madrid 246838
Atletico Madrid 238738
Real Sociedad 218938
Villarreal 1971238
Real Betis 1791238
Osasuna 1581538
Mallorca 1481638
Athletic Club 1491538
Sevilla 13101538
Girona 13101538
Rayo Vallecano 13101538
Almeria 1181938
Valladolid 1172038
Valencia 1191838
Celta Vigo 11101738
Getafe 10121638
Cadiz 10121638
Espanyol 8131738
Elche 5102338

Serie A Logo Serie A Italy

Napoli 286438
Inter 2331238
Lazio 228838
Juventus 2261038
AC Milan 2010838
Atalanta 1971238
AS Roma 1891138
Fiorentina 15111238
Bologna 14121238
Monza 14101438
Torino 14111338
Sassuolo 1291738
Udinese 11131438
Empoli 10131538
Salernitana 9151438
Lecce 8121838
Verona 7102138
Spezia 6131938
Cremonese 5122138
Sampdoria 3102538

Bundesliga Logo Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund 225734
Bayern Munich 218534
RB Leipzig 206834
Union Berlin 188834
SC Freiburg 178934
Bayer Leverkusen 1481234
Eintracht Frankfurt 13111034
VfL Wolfsburg 13101134
FSV Mainz 05 12101234
Borussia Monchengladbach 11101334
VfL BOCHUM 1051934
FC Koln 10121234
1899 Hoffenheim 1061834
Werder Bremen 1061834
FC Augsburg 971834
VfB Stuttgart 7121534
Hertha Berlin 781934
FC Schalke 04 7101734

Canada Premier League Logo Canadian Premier League

Cavalry FC 167528
Pacific FC 1171028
Forge 119828
York 9 FC 1151228
HFX Wanderers FC 119828
Atlético Ottawa 1061228
Vancouver FC 851528
Valour 681428
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Top Teams

It's hard to pick a favorite soccer team - there are hundreds of clubs that all have their strengths and appeal. Still, most football fans are dedicated to only one club, and chances are you’ll find out everything about it when you visit 7sport. Most, if not all of the best soccer clubs in the world are featured on our platform. When you visit each of their dedicated pages, you will see plenty of related info, such as the year the club was founded, the name of their home stadium, the most recent news about the club and all its players, as well as stats, fixtures, latest matches, and more.

Manchester City

This season, Man City has already shown the determination that it’s known for. The team will surely continue to dominate the English Premier League despite the fierce competition. Liverpool is closing by, but Pep Guardiola will not allow any room for compromise and stand his ground. Top scorers such as Johnson will surely help the coach achieve his goals for Man City.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is a Bavarian legend in the world of European football, and it’s among the top ten clubs in the world. There isn’t a trophy they haven’t won, and there is no doubt about their leading position in the Bundesliga after the club’s 10th consecutive championship title. It’s true that it would be harder for them to compete without Lewandowski on their side, but they will manage to pull it off for sure.

Real Madrid

The Spanish legendary club Real Madrid almost has no competition, and there are only a few teams that could catch up, and the primary competitor is Barcelona, of course. The dominance of Real Madrid has been mostly underlined by the club’s unprecedented success in the prestigious UEFA Champions League.