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Mcllroy hasn’t met Cantlay’s caddie to clear the air after bust-up
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The Irishman was enraged by LaGava antics on Saturday, who waved his hat when Cantlay made a decisive putt

Rory Mcllroy has shared that he still hasn’t met up with Cantlay’s caddied LaGava to clear the air after Saturday evening bust-up, which saw the Irishman confront the opponent in a heated exchange.

Earlier reports suggested LaGava had approached the European team to apologize for his antics, but Mcllroy has denied those claims.

The 68-year-old caddie took off his cap and waved it in the air when Cantlay made a decisive putt on 18 in the crucial last four-ball match, which infuriated the Irishman.

“I let it fuel me. I didn’t let it take away from what’s been a fantastic week and I used that little incident to my advantage.” Mcllroy said.

“It was a bit of a deflating finish last night but I think what transpired on that last green, it all gave us a fire in our bellies to go out and try and get the job done today.”