Fitzpatrick will take part in Ryder Cup 3
Stefan Tonev

Fitzpatrick will take part in Ryder Cup

Matt Fitzpatrick booked his place for the upcoming Ryder Cup after securing a third-place finish at the European Masters in Switzerland. The result […]

Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour 7
Stefan Tonev

Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour

Tiger Woods has become part of the board of the PGA Tour for the first time in his illustrious 27-year long career. 🚨🐅 […]

Brian Harman triumphs at The Open 9
Angel Todorov

Brian Harman triumphs at The Open

After Brian Harman struck his opening tee shot of the final round of the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club today, […]

LIV Golf's future still unclear 16
Stefan Tonev

LIV Golf’s future still unclear

LIV Golf is yet to make the full impact on the PGA Tour as it was expected when the infamous merge between the […]

Golf, a popular sport played across the globe, is known for its elegance, precision, and competitive nature. It combines skill, strategy, and mental focus, making it a favorite among both professional athletes and recreational players. As one of the most followed sports worldwide, golf has a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits news, updates, and insights about their favorite players and competitions.

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